Join the Movement - Adopt the Mission
We invite you to rethink and redo almost everything
“Sparking a Global Movement where the Saints primary concern is the Kingdom of God!”
The Mission

Do we need to re-think our mission strategies? For instance, are we really equipping the saints for works of service or simply encouraging the saints to populate our meetings? Is the Kingdom being advanced or merely maintained? At Pais, we have come to the conclusion that we do not need a new kind of program but a new kind of person but what does that look like?

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The Discipleship

Do we need to re-structure our discipleship programs? In particular, are we serious about the need to exemplify how Jesus did what He did or do we prefer to simply tell stories about it? Is the Kingdom flowing or has it stagnated? At Pais we do not desire another accountability session to protect us from sin, but a mentor to take us on their journey. Great idea, but how could a community do that?

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The Study

Do we need to re-equip our study groups? For example, have we offered the saints the creative tools they need to share new truths or just sent them on a guilt trip for not doing their duty? Is the Kingdom being discovered outside the church or just reiterated inside it? At Pais we understand the power of teaching people how to think, not simply what to think. It’s exciting, but is it plausible?

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